Child and Youth Risk Management Policy/Strategy

Statement of commitment

5 A SIDE is committed to the saftey and wellbeing of children and young people accessing our competitions and events. To meet this commitment, 5 A SIDE will provide a safe, empowering and supportive service environment for children and young people through the implementation of this strategy and child protection policies and procedures. Our employees, contractors and volunteers will treat all children and young people with respect and understanding at all times and listen to their concerns. We are committed to a culture of improvement and will continue to evaluate our policies and procedures to ensure we are exercising best practice with respect to child safety measures.

Code of conduct

All staff, volunteers and contractors must:

  • Comply with safeguarding children in our care and abide by all relevant policies and procedures.
  • Report all disclosures or suspicions of harm to appropriate authority within 5 A SIDE and relevant authorities.
  • Ensure that a working with children check is in place where such a check is required by law.
  • Treat all children fairly and respect diversity and the unique backgrounds and needs of each child.

Recruitment, selection, training and management

We will ensure that if any staff member, volunteer or contract who is engaged in any role for any competition mainly directed at children, has appropriate working with children check.

We will ensure all personnel which are covered by the above, are adequately trained and that adequate management systems are in place.

Reporting disclosures and suspicions of harm

5 A SIDE acknowledge that there are times where a child or young person participating in 5 A SIDE competitions or events may disclose harm or where harm to a child or young person is suspected. It is important that individuals working for 5 A SIDE are aware of how they are expected to deal with these circumstances. 5 A SIDE staff, volunteers and contractors should remain alert to any warning signs or indicators and pay close attention to changes to the child’s behaviour, ideas, feelings and the words they use.

If one of the above scenarios presents, it is critical that the matter is raised immediately with the Police. It is also important that the matter is raised with 5 A SIDE Senior Management. For the avoidance of doubt, the complaint/matter should be raised in writing to

Managing breaches

Any breach or suspected breach that is raised with 5 A SIDE will be forwarded to the Police to conduct further investigations. 5 A SIDE may be forced to suspend or terminate employment in such circumstances or if it relates to another player, ban that player from all of 5 A SIDE.

Risk management plan for high-risk activities

There are no current 5 A SIDE activities that could arguably be deemed “high-risk”. There are no overnight camps or activities of this nature involving children. Should 5 A SIDE’s product offering change, a risk management plan will be developed for the particular set of circumstances.

Managing compliance with working with children check authority (State based)

5 A SIDE will ensure all working with children checks are in place for any activity requiring such checks to be in place. 5 A SIDE will work with the relevant State-based institution to ensure compliance.

Communication and support

This document is available online and referenced in our Terms and Conditions.